Omer Salmin O O Shamlan

As a world class products dealer, we must continually reach out to new and different points of view to succeed in the global marketplace. This means we must have an environment that attracts the best people with the biggest dreams and the highest standards and give them the support and encouragement they need to reach their full potential. It also keeps us focused on assuring the widest possible circle of suppliers with whom we do business.


It is more than equal opportunity employment and affirmative action. Though both are important, they are just a part of our commitment to inclusion. Having an inclusive environment really demands an engagement process that starts at the top and extends throughout the corporation to each and every employee and stakeholder in this enterprise. We share in this commitment as a team because it is right for people and right for business.

Managing Director

Kareem Vattapparambil

Since its inception in 1993, Rusiya Group has gradually expand its operations in to the multilevel part tool of the business activities. The higher quality of materials at reasonable price, further we are committed to maintain good relationships with suppliers and customers.


We hope that our customer focus approach business growth and our employees dedication and hard works shall help to Rusiya become a full fledged business maintain in Qatar. Once again thanks to our dedicated employees and our ever green customers to achieve our growth.